You won’t find any little bowls of carefully weighed ingredients here, or any elaborate preparations or instructions. Goodness me no. The badly behaved approach is about creating good food with absolutely minimum faffing about. Yes, there’s some healthy eating but there’s also some guilt-free, calorie laden delights. Why eat mung beans if you can’t also have your cake and eat it?

Life is for living and food is for enjoying and on these pages I’ll show you how a little pinch of common sense, mixed with a dash of confidence and lashings of experimentation go an awfully long way.

Get all flash – with a spot of sushi making

Kim Food

I love sushi and I love making it at home. Although I’d definitely say ‘goodness me no’ to a spot of Japanese blowfish carving; the truth of the matter is you don’t need to be a sushi master to make (or indeed James Bond to eat) some of this delightful fare. Sushi rolls are particularly easy and as long as …

Bread making – the easy way

Kim Food

What better place to start than with a food staple that seems to get an awful lot of peoples’ knickers, speedos (or whatever undergarments you favour whilst cooking), in a bit of a twist. There are whole books on the subject and most recipes come with such complicated instructions you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s actually a bit of …