CAKE BAKING – Don’t sweat the small stuff, just jooj

So, it’s a special occasion, you’ve made a huge effort baking a cake, so-and-so is just about to arrive, but your cake doesn’t say ‘celebrate’ it says ‘half-arsed’. You, my friend, need the art of ‘jooj’. Among other things, the Urban dictionary defines ‘jooj’ as ‘to make something appear more ‘put together quickly’.  The Guardian …

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Builders’ chocolate muffins

We have some builders in and they are being very helpful and considerate. There’s no god -awful mess and they’ve even been washing up their mugs. Perhaps best of all there is not a single ‘builder’s bum’ in sight anywhere. I am most thankful (and relieved) and decide they deserve some muffins with lots of …

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Bread making – the easy way

What better place to start than with a food staple that seems to get an awful lot of peoples’ knickers, speedos (or whatever undergarments you favour whilst cooking), in a bit of a twist. There are whole books on the subject and most recipes come with such complicated instructions you’d be forgiven for thinking that …

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