I should first explain that I do follow rules that make sense. Wash your hands, social isolation when requested, be a good citizen, be kind to others, don’t eat too many nachos…

Instead, this blog is about my politely rebellious approach to gardening, cooking and make, mend and ‘do’ because so often these things are made out to be a lot more complicated than they in reality, need be. With lots of  exacting instructions and … ‘oh no that’s not how you’re supposed to do it’ or ‘ooh no that won’t work’, which doesn’t help anyone. Remember they could well be talking out their bottom. 

In this increasingly worrying little world of ours, everything feels very out of control right now, it’s more important than ever to create little empowering freedoms where-ever you can.  This is why the down-to-earth simplicity of growing some of your own food by working with nature, or getting experimental with your cooking, fixing that chair that’s been broken for as long as you can remember… offer so much. 

Featuring fresh content, as well as a range of my articles from the national press (Guardian, Grow Your Own magazine, The Lancet and many others…), I’ll offer oodles of a make, bake and ‘let’s be more resilient’  nature besides, which I’ve been writing about since 2013…

Kim Stoddart 


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