Climate change gardening

Climate change savvy produce

In an article that first appeared in the February 2023 issue of Grow Your Own Magazine – Kim Stoddart outlines some of the best edibles for the climate change savvy vegetable garden and explains how to use them for greater resilience overall… It’s no longer gardening (or life) as usual. In our increasingly uncertain world, …

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Resilient, More Climate Change Savvy Plants for Free

Kim Stoddart explains how to produce some of your own savvy seed for free… Even though seed saving used to be a firm part of the gardening calendar just a few generations ago, this worthwhile activity isn’t utilised as much as it could be. With climate change extremes of weather hitting us all hard, saving …

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Perfect perennials

Kim Stoddart takes a look at the ultimate in low maintenance planting for your veg patch… Whilst the process of nurturing plants and produce from seed is incredibly exciting each year, it takes time and effort in the process. As compared to hardy perennials, which once established will dutifully furnish you with edible loveliness for …

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