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On campaigning for mental health on the Isle of Wight

Amber Blog, Life, mental health

I campaign for health, mental health in particular on the Isle of Wight (where I live). When I first contacted my local MP in 2014 he replied (along the lines of) he wasn’t aware there was a problem on the island… I replied to him that people with mental health issues are some of the least likely people to contact …

The UNSCHOOLERS – our story

Lehla Eldridge Life

When one of my children asked me one day; ‘Mum, why are we doing this?’ I couldn’t come up with a clear answer, nor could my husband. We had seen with our own eyes how the kids learnt so brilliantly when moving around and choosing what they wanted to learn for themselves. We realised that we could not say why …

Pop star downshifter with balls

Kim Life

There’s nothing new about musicians and pop stars moving out to a large pile in the countryside once they’ve made it. It’s actually incredibly common; Paul McCartney. Robert Plant, Alex James … they’ve all done it. Former 5ive rapper, Abz Love and his girlfriend Vicky Fallon however have done something altogether different. In the BBC 2 series Abz on the Farm we saw …