Easy Christmas bombombs – mini leftover cakes that pack a posher punch

Rebecca Food

You know those rogue Christmas gifts or rich leftovers that you ‘simply can’t have another mouthful of’ but don’t want to throw away? Heavy fruit cakes from Auntie Flatulence, booze laden puddings from Great Uncle Gout, or big lumps of marzipan that you don’t know what the hell to do with?

I bring you bombombs – the perfect way to transform the stodgy into something much more seasonally palatable.

Essentially, you’re binding leftover alcohol-infused rich fruit pudding/cake (the alcohol is the exciting bit), with some kind of ‘glue’ be it marzipan or brandy frosting, covering it in chocolate and ‘zhusing’ it up so it looks a bit posh.

  1. First off break up your chosen fruit thingy so you’re left with crumbs and fruit.
  2. Using your fingers (please lick them often) mix with a little marzipan or boozy frosting, adding a little at a time until it becomes mouldable.
  3. Shape into walnut-sized, or there about, balls.
  4. Stick in the fridge for an hour or so.
  5. Don’t waste this time. Drink booze and toast the season.
  6. Melt chocolate (any kind) in a heat proof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, or in the microwave.
  7. Using a fork, skewer, or some other pointy object to poke in the ball, dip into the chocolate and leave to set, propped up.
  8. If you’re feeling clever you can make your balls into Christmas bomb pops. Using pop sticks, dip the sticks into the chocolate a little way then push into the ball. Leave to set, then dip the whole of the ball into the chocolate and leave propped up till the chocolate goes hard.

Crap plastic robin, my fav (2)To ‘zhush’ sprinkle with gold dust, sprinkle on glitter, dust with cocoa powder or decorate with Christmas stuff (tacky plastic robins are my fav.). Place or wrap in greaseproof paper, cellophane, or anything else that gives your homemade fair the ‘independent overly-priced retailer’ touch.

Awesomeness.  You’re the bombomb.

Happy Chrimbo!

xx Bex aka the Cupcake Mistress www.facebook.com/deliciousaffair

P.S Boozy frosting (if you’re so inclined):

Roughly, this is 40g butter to 250g icing sugar, mixed until breadcrumb-like, then add booze a teaspoon at a time, still mixing, until it’s a stiff-ish consistency. Voila.