BEAT the January Blues

Let’s face it – January isn’t a popular month. In fact it’s widely considered to be the most depressing month of the year. We’ve also just had so-called ‘Blue Monday’ as it’s referred to throughout the media, although arguably this year that could have been changed to ‘Black Friday’ , certainly for all liberal-minded folk around the world. Dastardly politics (and politicians) aside, it’s true this time of year the daylight hours are short, the weather can be extremely harsh and the joys of spring can seem frustratingly far away.  So in the interests of injecting a little ray of sunshine; here are a few things that can help perk us all up as we ease ourselves boldly into the first months of the year…

Choose your seeds

I’m like a kid in a sweetshop when it comes to flicking through a seed catalogue to decide which new varieties of produce I can grow for the year ahead. Putting aside the fact that a) I’m a grown adult and b) I’ve now given up processed sugar pretty much entirely – the point is; this is a very exciting time indeed. Imagining how your veg patch or polytunnel will look come mid-summer makes it seem that tantalisingly bit closer.


Make the most of any dry, sunny days

Who knows what we’re going to get thrown at us over the coming weeks so treat any half decent days weather-wise as a bonus and embrace them with gusto. This way the wet, windy, freezing, grey weather otherwise won’t seem quite so miserable.

Take time to ponder and think

I don’t know about you, but for most of the year I find myself rushing about from one project to the next with not a lot of time in between. Yet January provides a unique opportunity for some quality pondering and deliberating. On a dry day (there must be at least one) why not have a slow walk about your garden or allotment with no intention other than observing and thinking about how things are going and what else you’d like to do this year. Soak it all in and see where your ideas takes you.

If all else fails go hibernate till March! 

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